Debra Graves

Real Estate Agent

Hi, my name is Debra Graves and I have held a Realtor’s License since 1976! Wow, quite a long time! I started out in Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, and Westchester and when the high-interest rates hit I went to work for my Father running a painting and Silkscreening business! Quite different from Real Estate. My ex-husband now runs this business and is very successful also, he was a former Title Rep for United Title and worked with the charming Mike Ferry Sr.

Now, back to me- Many of the agents in S.O.County know me as Debra Jo! In the eighties interest rates were high again, it was a challenge to find buyers and their perfect home! You had to have the help of a qualified lender to walk them through the process while you were holding their hand.

As my son approach those “teenage years”, I decided to go into Escrow as my hours would be normal and home on weekends! No wild parties while Mom was out showing property, Right??
Now I find myself home with no children to care for, so here I am back in the business of selling and finding the right home for a buyer! Couldn’t ask for more!

Debra is one of the life’s nurturers. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than helping clients find a great home, or a dog a new family to love. Licensed since 1976 and with 13 years experience as an escrow officer, Debra knows real estate and the transaction process like the back of her hand. She helps first-time buyers, to growing families moving up to a bigger home, to seniors downsizing.

Experience counts, but it’s her caring attitude and fun-loving approach to life and all things real estate that turns her clients into life-long friends and loyal fans.

Helping people find a house to call home in the South County and coastal area is what she lives for – as well as sampling a great glass of wine while cooking up a meal with her home-grown veggies and herbs or baking a delicious cake.

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